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  •  As a voter (8+ / 0-)

    And a registered Democratic voter in the state of New York, I know next to nothing about her.  I have heard her at press conferences the last few weeks try to articulate the reasons why she thinks she would be a good choice.  She was borderline incoherent at those press events.  She has no background in elective public service.  She admits not even voting in some very important elections over the years.  She keeps very close company - a private person, fine, no problem with that per se - and nobody knows where she stands on many issues.  She won't reveal her personal finances in the midst of economic turmoil where the government is handing out HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to questionable entities.  She MAY have conflicts of interest we don't know about (I'm not saying she does, but SHE won't say so one way or the other).  She has a law degree but she's never worked a day in her life.  I don't think she has the ability - even if she is a good person - to identify with the struggles of working class people.

    Her interests are not my interests.  She could convince me otherwise, but she hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate.

    •  I suspect that you know that she has in fact (7+ / 0-)

      revealed her finances to Gov Paterson.

    •  Thank you thank you! (1+ / 0-)
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      You summed up all the reasons why I don't want her as my Senator (I'm personally hoping it's Nadler).  

    •  Have you read her books? (7+ / 0-)

      I have not.

      However I did find myself getting annoyed at people who claimed to know nothing about Barack Obama, pre-election, who had not bothered to read his books. He explained most everything a voter might want to know about him.

      Now Caroline hasn't written a "personal" book, but we all kinda know the stuff she's been through. If we feel we need to know how she felt about all of that, well that's our problem and not her's.

      The two books she's written have been about the Constitution, I imagine they would provide a window into her thinking about the law. She is seeking a legislative position so I think her books might be germane.

    •  Wrong on several points (3+ / 0-)
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      Mary Julia, vcmvo2, LynneK

      She has admitted to not voting in some mayoral primaries. I miss most of those too, as I don't see them as "very important elections." Perhaps you do.

      She has elucidated her stands on many pubic issues--she's for gay marriage, for example. She's a strong advocate for the Bill of Rights--she's written a book on it for which she did field research all over the country. Look to Ted Kennedy's positions for much of the rest of her views. She is not only the strongest progressive "candidate" for the position, she's not beholden to Wall Street, like Schumer (check his voting record on that), so she's also an independent voice.

      She has revealed her personal finances to Paterson, as required.

      She has worked for years on many projects--the fact that she doesn't have to accept payment for her work hardly makes it play. We used to value volunteer work on this blog--has that changed? She has written and edited books (both are "work"). She has served on education boards and raised tens of millions of dollars for that cause. She runs the Profiles in Courage awards (yes, that takes work). She is President of the Kennedy Library Foundation--that is not small cheese. And she "worked" her behind off to get Obama elected.

      And by the way, she takes the subway to her jobs, not limos.

      But you're not actually as ignorant about her as you claim, Paper Cup, because you've been on these threads for weeks now, bashing her. Unless you simply don't read the posts, you know all about it.

      May your entire existence be one sensuous, frolic-filled experience lived in defiance of care!

      by Fonsia on Thu Jan 15, 2009 at 03:53:54 AM PST

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