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View Diary: Senator Whitehouse to investigate BushCo even if Obama doesn’t (261 comments)

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  •  Walking and chewing gum at the same time. (22+ / 0-)

    To say that he would focus on anything other than breaking the economic free fall would have done his administration unnecessary damage.  The Republicans would have jumped all over it.

    That's the point of a special prosecutor. Obama must focus on the economy and the other messes he's inheriting. But while he's doing that, Patrick Fitzgerald (or another prosecutor) could be focusing just as intently on the crimes of the past administration and bringing to justice those who committed them.

    No reason both things can't be happening simultaneously.

    Climate change is a hoax. Ocean levels are rising because Jesus is crying.

    by DixieDishrag on Thu Jan 15, 2009 at 07:11:48 AM PST

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    •  You missed my point- (11+ / 0-)

      People are hurting.  Foreclosures and bankruptcies are  ever increasing.  Food banks are running out of food.  Jobs are scarce.  

      That's what the public wants to hear about from Obama, however it doesn't mean that he's ignoring the other stuff.  Public support is important and he's not going to screw it up by "talking" about investigating BushCo.  Publicly he's going to spend every opportunity to deal with the crisis at hand.

      Go to CSpan and listen to Holder.  There's the man who will speak publicly about an investigation and he's the man who should be speaking on it.

      •  We Need to Keep the Pressure On (3+ / 0-)
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        It doesn't matter if Whitehouse or Holder or Conyers or whoever goes after the Bushies, it will still be reported as "Democrats Accusing Republicans", will be spun by the Corporate Media as a partisan witchhunt, and ultimately the light will shine on Obama, since he is the Democratic figurehead and will end up being a distraction for him and possibly cost him some political capital.

        Just like when Nixon finally fell, at least a few prominent Republicans will have to sign on before any attempts at seeing justice for the criminals gains legs. It will likely be a tall order, but bipartisan support will be necessary.

        I'd guess that Whitehouse has made this statement in response to public outcry, I'd like to think that he's made this statement out of his own sense of fairness but I doubt it.

        The question in my mind becomes, "Are Republicans scared enough for their individual and collective future in American politics to listen to the people?"

        Shout louder!

        •  I can see most of the Oregon delegation (7+ / 0-)

          both senators and most congresscritters, going public for prosecution. There's an ethos out here, that you need to be held accountable, and even many libertarian types would join Democrats by at least not shouting down an investigation and pressing criminal charges.

          I use the phone, a lot. A congressman once told me, "If I get a call or a letter, I multiply that opinion by one hundred."  I just now called Whitehouse in DC to congratulate him.  Politicians thrive on such support.

    •   Use the same prosecutor as we had for Lewinsky ? (2+ / 0-)
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