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View Diary: NY-Sen: Dems look good all around (135 comments)

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  •  I'm clearly (13+ / 0-)

    not one to take either compliments or criticism. I shrug both off, and even recommended people do as such in a section of my last book. It's the only way to stay honest to one's values. You accept too much criticism, and you become meek and risk-averse. You accept too many compliments, and you might start believing the hype.

    Bottom line, our polling is dismissed by many as "partisan" because of my own partisanship. The only way to get people to take the numbers seriously is to be 100 percent transparent about what we poll and how we poll it. R2K gets nothing from me except the races and names of the candidates to poll, and when to poll them. I have no other say in the matter. And even if the results come out shitty for my preferred candidate, it runs.

    People will always second-guess my motives. And if the numbers of this poll had come out differently, I'd be accused of all sorts of horrible things. What can I do? Shrug all that stuff off and keep operating in as open a manner as possible.

    •  That's an excellent point (4+ / 0-)
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      DemFromCT, Seneca Doane, elwior, NMLib

      Not that I would have expected anything less from a colleague of your integrity, but these results certainly will blow away any misguided souls that may try to discount your future polls as somehow inaccurate or rigged.

      (The thought did occur to me last night that this kind of result might be forthcoming from the promised DKos/Research 2000 on NY-Sen, and I knew you would handle it as a pro if so. And it's nice - tho' not surprising - to see that belief in you confirmed.)

      Okay, cool. Now we can go back to kicking our opposite arguments on the NY-Sen appointment!

      Happy New Year, Kos.

    •  Actually, it was less of a personal compliment (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      elwior, NM Ward Chair

      than pointing out your being a good example.  It doesn't matter whether you do it out of overweening niceness or enlightened self-interest: your posting this was still a good example and should be widely recognized as such.  Many, many people don't do this.

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