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  •  The real issue and opportunity (12+ / 0-)

    (which I think you've overlooked) is how much Kennedy is likely to be able to raise for national races.  Kennedy will be able to take up Uncle Teddy's mantle.

    That some people are born as princesses, with star power, is unfair.  But it is there nonetheless.  Kennedy (assuming even minimal campaign skills, which if she doesn't have I think she could learn) would likely never face a truly competitive race; nor, unlike Cuomo, would she be running for President from the day she stepped into the Senate well.  (This was also a problem with Clinton, Spitzer in the Governor's Mansion, etc.)  She'd be there to serve her party, period -- and that largely means fundraising and making people feel good about supporting Democrats, if only for the contact high of the Kennedy magic and mythos.  (That's all the more important with Teddy gone.)

    I think that you have dismissed the benefits of her being in the Senate too easily.  It's not that you haven't raised legitimate concerns, but you haven't appeared willing to look dispassionately at the benefits as well as the costs of her appointment.

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