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  •  Douglas = DoesLess (3+ / 0-)

    Douglas has coasted through his Governorship by pretty much doing nothing. He has been the beneficiary of a decent economy that allowed him to do little more than talk about cutting taxes while touring the state to attend every ribbon-cutting ceremony he can squeeze into his schedule.

    He is about to find that there is no more free skating. Now that it's time to start cutting things, he has shown his true colors. When the Dept. of Education turned in a budget the other day that meets DoesLess' $$ target, he rejected it. Why? Because they met the goal without cutting jobs. He won't accept a budget from them unless they cut people loose.

    In the mean time, he has been touting his "savings" from cutting a significant number of jobs in state government, but refuses to touch his own personal press corps. It has recently come out that about 30% of those job cuts were actually federally funded jobs, so they saved the state not a penny.

    He has just cut the states Director of Environmental Enforcement, not only laying off the director, but eliminating the position altogether. But you can bet he'll continue his lip service to "protecting all that is special about VT."

    Needless to say, this is going to end his "popular, nice-guy" image.

    Even those who had been inclined to give him a pass in the past are finally seeing what he is all about.

    Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.

    by mataliandy on Fri Jan 16, 2009 at 09:06:38 AM PST

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    •  A couple of weeks (1+ / 0-)
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      ago I was in Burlington and heard something that he might be trying to attack Act 250?  Any truth to that?

    •  Douglas - Like Not Having a Governor, Mostly (3+ / 0-)
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      pletzs, terjeanderson, earicicle

      I'm a professor at one of the state colleges.  Over the break we received a message from the chancellor's office regarding the governor's recently touted "idea" to combine all the colleges into one neat package -- UVM and all the others.  While that sounds interesting, you can imagine the "brew-ha-ha" that will erupt because the gov wants to consolidate athletics as well as academics.  That's just plain weird.  And the other ideas seemed odd, too.

      I'm not a native Vermonter. I'm a transplant from California.  The myth of California being whacko liberal is a lot like the myth of Vermont's fringe. CA has had many Republican governors like Reagan and Ahnol, but then again... Jerry Brown!

      In the midst of change and growth California had a "do-nothing" Republican governor (like a ghost who cut ribbons and shook hands and that's about it) and nobody really even remembers him -- (I'm going to misspell) Dukemajian.  Douglas reminds me of him.

      I experience people here as INFORMED and CIVIL. Politics is ubiquitous -- front and center all the time but not nasty or in-your-face.  (Although I wasn't living here 24/7 during the civil union votes) Vermonters seem to be liberal in the way of consideration: for individual civil rights, living wages, reproductive rights, health insurance coverage, environmental protection, and good ol' Yankee ingenuity. Like a lot of Liberals, we are conservative about saving, working, and living without a lot of fanfare.  I think the overlap on labels like "conservative" and "liberal" is very clear in Vermont and doesn't always represent party affiliation, whereas in California it's all about screaming matches and armed camps.

      Anyway, in my humble opinion Douglas is a dud. No pizzazz and no ideas.  As the economy was tanking in the fall, he was talking about privatization of social security.  Duh.  But he hasn't had any serious competition for the job. Nobody charismatic has stepped up to the podium.  

      And... YES... to my third-generation California girl SURPRISE... I registered to vote in Vermont with NO request for party affiliation.  True, I may ask for any party's ballot in the primary.  But nobody writes that down next to my name.

      Oh, and some day I'll write a story about my first vote in Vermont.  It's pretty funny.  A bake sale was going on in the tiny (two desk office) where I lined up to cast my paper ballot -- xeroxed on both sides. And then a woman using a yardstick stuffed my neatly folded ballot into a tall pyramid-shaped wooden box.  I giggled for days.  I absolutely LOVE Vermont.

      (-14 this morning, but I'm not out on the corner waving at cars... I'm home doing my syllabus)

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