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  •  Douglas vs. weak opponents (3+ / 0-)

    Douglas has always had the good fortune to run against weak opponents who were lousy campaigners.

    Faced with strong opposition, he doesn't have a lot except his great campaigning skills.

    Hopefully the democrats can muster more than a warm body in two years.

    •  Bench (0+ / 0-)

      Vermont has a very Deep Democratic bench

    •  Question to All Vermont-ists Above (0+ / 0-)

      I've read something to the effect that "Vermonters like to have a Governor of one party, and a legislature of the other."
      Do YOU think that's either "true" or part of the reason why Douglas has won the last few elections?

      •  No (0+ / 0-)

        Dean and Kunin both had Dem majorities during their tenure and Snelling had Repub majorities.

        Vermont's very small and well-informed (highest per capita newspapers in the nation) and many people really do take the time to judge candidates on a non-partisan basis.

        Douglas has won because he's been the better candidate each time, though that was due in large part to the abysmal campaigns of his opponents. He was a very popular and very good secretary of state prior to running for governor and that helped him a great deal.

      •  Yes, currently (0+ / 0-)

        Though not historically true, I do believe that is the sentiment in the state currently.  I know many, many ardent Obama supporters, and people in the 'roots, who vote for Douglas.

        Vermont has the 2nd highest taxes per capita in the union, and many people from all political backgrounds view Douglas as a stopgap on endless new tax proposals in Vermont.  

        That, and his personal political skills (as others have mentioned), is why he is winning.

      •  No. Dems and Progs can't get their act together (0+ / 0-)

        to run one strong candidate against him. And Douglas is a mild-mannered, PR-savvy guy: He has a lot of people snowed. He's put a huge number of his people in high-paying jobs running state agencies...and running PR interference for him. And the legislature has lacked the cojones, often, to stand up to his shenanigans.

        It sucks.

        Sweet are the uses of adversity...Find tongues in the trees, books in the brooks, and good in everything. -Shakespeare, As You Like It.

        by earicicle on Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 10:58:00 AM PST

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