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View Diary: UPDATEDX2 Rahm Emanuel puts halt to Bush's Midnight regulations (242 comments)

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  •  Check any regulation changed for 8 years (5+ / 0-)

    The average American doesn't know a lot about the purpose of regulations in the Federal Government. The Right has so fixated people on deregulation, some of them don't really understand the function of Regulations. The Code of Federal Regulations is the implementations of the U.S. Code. and in this non-legalistic view governs everything from our military to our criminal justice system to Social Security with the Authority of the U.S. Code.

    So when the Bush people said they had deregulated someting, they just meant that they wrote new regulations that gutted the spirit of the law that provides authority for those regulations.

    A good example is the Bush rewriting of the Labor Department's rule on overtime. Suddenly, people who had been eligible for overtime learned that those long hours would no longer be compensated. Why? Because the Fair Labor Standards Act was enabling legislation adopted in 1938 while Frances Perkins served as Labor Secretary under FDR.

    The law was implemented through regulations written by people with a clear vision of what Congress meant.  The Bush hacks reinterpreted the law with regulations tht mirrored the opponents of the legislation had in mind.

    The Bush idealogues certainly had fuzzy brains, but they came in with a well-defined program of altering regulations that offended those who paid for their election. It was a whole hell of a lot better than having to get new abusive legislation.

    The process is cumbersome and takes time to implement, e.g. just the publication process in the federal register. But the good intentions of Congress on more than a few instances  was thwarted by regulations that protected the people writing them at the expense of those who were intended to benefit.

    Some legislation is enabling, establishing a framework within which more technical reglations area applied. Other legislation is controlling and the regulation is wrapped tightly. An example was the miserable minimum wage that was only changed when Democrats retook the House.

    Go Obama team!

    •  There Is Enough Intelligence In The Democratic (0+ / 0-)

      Party to summarize a bill in a way an average American can understand and then sell them on it.

      I so want to be there is that level of intelligence and ability.

      A John Kerry or Al Gore esque explanation will never work.

      How about an Obama esque description?

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