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View Diary: UPDATEDX2 Rahm Emanuel puts halt to Bush's Midnight regulations (242 comments)

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    Every agency has regulations that are in effect their manual of operations under umbrella fedeal law. The differ trivially in most areas, e.g. the mostly ignored Sunshine Act.

    How fast these things can be changed is more  a question of identifying the places where unnecessary regulatory changed was made or in some other way did not hold true to the legislation and precedent. Rahm's move is correct. Most the process can be reopened for further input from stakeholders, which include the people who run these places.

    There is in every department, bureau entity or other federal establishments, someone or some people  who are the keepers of secrets. What was changed and why. You don't need a lot of time for this. You should be able to get a priority list in 2 weeks and with due haste, those changed for the worse can be fixed in 3 months.

    The new secretary of labor will not have new heads immediately for the various parts of that operation. He could, none the less, issue an order to the senior Civil Servant Staff to prepare a report within one week.on every regulation that was rewritten during the Bush Administration. They should be prioritized according to the importance of the change and whether it was detrimental to workers.

    In truth, Labor could in many instances restore the old regulations in a new improved version. You might be surprised how quickly  a lot of federal bureaucrats can react to good leadership. The uplifted spirit we saw at the inauguration affects most employees of government. They have suffered in spirit under this regime.

    No one should misunderstand the power of the Presidential Executive Order et al process. They can reach past the process if necessary without becoming a fiat White House.

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