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View Diary: UPDATEDX2 Rahm Emanuel puts halt to Bush's Midnight regulations (242 comments)

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    I don't agree with the change in this sense because it is simply another formal grant of power to the executive and it contributes to an ineffective government. I prefer the president who shows the real source of his power, the people.

    The GOP wanted Bush to have all this power over the government and our people. Now Obama is president and they're have second thoughts. They are  now having second thoughts. So should we.  we should keep in mind.

    We should not forget the power of the implied threat, especially when the threat is real.   Knowing that change is coming in 3 months or six months  create an excess of uncertainty. Most businesses will either conform now or alter their business plans to deal with the new reality.

    Nor should we forget the very real threat of Obama's legitimate executive power. It filters down as far as he wants it too.. On these issues I would expect the Department head to be in tune with Obama.

    And, assuming the quality of the Obama team to be what it seems, you miht think twice about trying to slide one by.

    Imagine you are a company which has been counting on the permissive approach of Bush to corporate power. Maybe an operator or builder of coal or nuclear power plant. Or maybe you're an oil-gas E&P who's been chewing at the bit for the right to rape virginal forests or offshore drilling zones. Or a store chain that's been cheating on overtime or something else in labor.

    So do you build your coal fired plant to conform with the rule you know is going to be changed back and -- probably tightened. You've called your workers a high-sounding name to excuse you from overtime. Do you decide to wait.

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