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View Diary: As of This Minute, The Bush Administration Has Effectively Ended (397 comments)

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    bwintx, Sister Havana

    Got here too late to toast at 5:00 PM EST, but still have time here in the Midwest to celebrate the departure of THE WORST PRESIDUNCE EVER.  We have a little tradition here anyway--5:00 PM on Fridays, we adopted the tradition of a poster from firedoglake who described in a comment a few years ago a family tradition  during  which the entire family (kids and parents) do what his very young son demanded one Friday night after seeing adults toast the end of the week:   "We have to ding!" the little guy chirped as he waved his sippy cup.   Sippy cup or wine glass--they "ding" around 5:00 PM each Friday.  I thought it was a cute idea--so when we "ding" at 5:00 CST tonight, it will be to toast the departure of GDubya.  And, DH, I have to totally agree when you wrote:

    But we have endured.

    Yes, indeed, we HAVE endured.  Cheers to all of us!  

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