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  •  Some of this is just human nature (4+ / 0-)
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    we tend to get "conflict fatigue" and rightly or not chose to focus on the ones we believe we have the most interest in and with the Judeo-Christian dominance in the US culture most Americans get pulled into conflicts involving the Middle East quite easily.  But ignorance and apathy can only be conquered with knowledge and action so please keep writing about this situation.

    One thing that caught my eye was the implied US connection to the LTTE.  From the diary

    After the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, the LTTE -- heavily dependent for its survival on foreign donations -- began to step back its terrorism campaign.

    Is this implying the LLTE gets funds from the US or just that after 9/11 many international sources of funding dried up?  That was unclear to me.

    "Why is it that nothing rhymes with orange, purple, or silver?"

    •  A number of things (7+ / 0-)

      One, bombings were suddenly no longer cool (if they ever had been), and the LTTE didn't want to be mentioned in the same breath as al-Qaedah.  Also, governments began to look more closely at funds going from private groups in their countries to the LTTE.  For instance, Canada, which is one of the principal countries in which Tamil expatriates live, banned raising funds for the LTTE.

    •  LTTE funding (5+ / 0-)

      They are funded mostly by the Tamil diaspora including those in the US, though only a small portion of Tamilians actually supported their goals.  I doubt any government-sanctioned funding of the LTTE - if anything, we are probably supporting Sri Lanka, though you could probably find a few dollars sent from the CIA to every single group in the world.

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