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    If you really are interested in discussing the reasons why there's a strong focus on the Israel/Palestine conflict and seeming lack interest in the "S/T" conflict -- and in the countless other unending wars and conflicts that are constantly are taking place among the billions of human being on this planet -- I think the answer is that we live in a Judeo-Christian culture. From wikipedia:

    In the American context, historians use the term Judeo–Christian to refer to the influence of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament on Protestant thought and values, most especially the Puritan, Presbyterian and Evangelical heritage. These founding generations of Americans saw themselves as heirs to the Hebrew Bible...

    Now personally I'm an atheist and it worries me the so many people take these myths literally and seriously, and truly believe that Israel/Palestine is the "holy land" and many actually want to see the whole bible myth of Armageddon played out in reality.

    So we as Americans are invested in Israel, literally and emotionally. This is why our government supports Israel politically and with weapons, and why we are neck-deep in the middle of that ongoing war.

    I learned a lot about the situation in Sri Lanka from your diary and I thank you for writing it.

    I read it feeling sadness for the fact that human beings are tribal, violent primates who have barely evolved from pure savagery, and we kill each other and other innocent animals on this planet with horrifying regularity.

    I am watching Obama become president for the next four days and feeling incredibly grateful and lucky to have been born in a relatively peaceful and stable environment of the United States. His speech today about the peaceful transition of power being a hallmark of our country strikes me as something for which we should all take time out to be thankful for.

    I wish there was more that we could all do to stop the violence and destruction of people fighting over land, resources, religion, nationalism... but I do believe that tribalism is a deep part of human nature and I doubt we are ever going to eliminate it completely. Not in our lifetimes, certainly. But watching the transition of power to our new president still does give me a sense of hope for our future and for mankind as a whole... and makes me realize I'm not quite as cynical as I thought I'd become.

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