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  •  Why no diaries on the S/T conflict? (0+ / 0-)

    I think the media has a tremendous amount to do with it. How much has the news media been reporting on Sri Lanka vs. I/P? I was aware that there continued to be problems in Sri Lanka, but of this:

    By summer 2006 scores were being killed in bombings and reprisal massacres. Full-scale war resumed on July 26, 2006.  By mid 2007 [major LTTE areas] had been captured by the SLA. ... renounced its ceasefire agreement ... attacked and steadily reduced the LTTE-held areas....  On January 2, 2009, the SLA captured ... the [former] headquarters of the LTTE. On Wednesday, the SLA completed its reconquest of the Jaffna peninsula....

    I was completely unaware until I read your diary.

    And I consider myself fairly well informed about foreign affairs. For instance, I can tell you how many molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue in the recent attack in Seine-Saint-Denis (nine).

    But I had no idea that affairs had come to a head in recent years in Sri Lanka. And not knowing anything about it, of course I wouldn't diary it. People have the I/P conflict in front of their faces every day in the media, so naturally they think about it, write about it, respond to it.

    Beyond that, I think that the fact that the US is seen as having a role in I/P, and differences in the numbers of Kossacks with connections to the Jewish, Israeli, Palestinian, or Arab communities on one hand and the Tamil or Sinhalese communities on the other, also influence the relative amounts of writing on the subjects.

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