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  •  I sometimes feel overwhelmed by (3+ / 0-)
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    a terrible, bitter regret that tomorrow, the day our first black president is sworn into office, should have been a day of pure joy.  Instead, we enter this new era spectacularly unstable and afraid.  

    I fear Obama will be unable to surmount the massive problems we face today.  I fear that a failure will leave tainted and diminished in some minds that the black race is somehow inferior and unable to accomplish what a white man may have accomplished. And I fear for our country and know that hope is not enough.

    For the rehabilitation of our own small lives, our country and for the ideal that all men are created equal and can succeed equally, let us celebrate tomorrow with our own oath to fully commit to rebuilding our country, our homes and the homes of those less able, to be patient and brave, to be open to compromise where it is wise, to be kind and always honorable.

    Barak Obama is but one man with four years to get it right, but we are millions.  His legacy is our own.  Let us unite!    

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