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  •  That woman has yet to surface (6+ / 0-)

    The time to headhunt for that individual is at hand. As a recruiter, I always analyzed first the qualities needed by a candidate for a given job. Establish your paradigm before you go looking.

    We know that woman has already been stunningly successful somewhere - and not necessarily in Government. She has presence, has exibited leadership, and is either known to be innovative or creative. She is grounded, stable, and focused. Look for someone who has something unique in her experience - like a military or research science connection - and through her efforts in spite of the odds - has created employment.

    Granny  -  if you really want to see a woman succeed President Obama, you and all women need to start looking. If she is the right one, she won't want the job. You will have to recruit her.

    President Obama deserves our best. That includes a few Kossacks. . . . waiting, . . . waiting, . . . waiting . . .

    by llbear on Mon Jan 19, 2009 at 10:18:40 AM PST

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    •  All right. Why don't we start a feature right (4+ / 0-)
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      mijita, ceriboo, llbear, mamamedusa

      here at DK and put forward, with intelligent reasoning, the names of women we feel have the qualifications.  Sort of like the McArthur Grants which gives attention to many individuals working under the radar.

      They include educators, artists,  philanthopists, scientists, etc. not merely politicians which seems to be where we usually look.  I would not restrict the search to just women looking for a woman, I would extend that to include males of the species also, recommending a woman, I mean.

      I don't have any power at this blog so if anyone cares for the idea maybe bring it to the admin.

      •  this is a total non-sequitor but I have been (3+ / 0-)
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        ceriboo, llbear, mamamedusa

        wondering every time i read something about the dinner that Obama is having in John McCain's honour tonight, whether or not Sara Palin was invited?  and whether Obama ever asked McCain exactly  why he selected her as Veep?

        It has a lot to do with my distaste of Palin true, but also it has to do with my extreme unhappiness in the manner we tend to recruit candidates for political jobs too.

        One thing that really earns my respect for Obama is that I honestly believe that he decided years ago, probably around the time he wrote 'Dreams of MY Father' that he was going to plan his life around running for the presidencty, and understood exactly what that decision would mean to the world. What he could not have known of course way back then, was that the convergence and confluence of events would make it imperative that he run NOW, and not later.

        I want to make it absolutrely clear that I totally respect him if that is true.   So that means that a woman could be as young as 35 years old right now and maybe in a Phd program somewhere, JFK was 43 when he was elected.

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