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View Diary: Florida numbers vs 2000 - something is wrong (95 comments)

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  •  not ready for conspiracy theory (none)
    The same NYT article (quoted above) which pointed out Dem registration gains in OH noted that Dem and R new registrants in FL were running about even, at around 350K each. (Many new registrants are independent.) If Bush won a higher percentage of white Protestant voters than last time, and a modestly higher percentage of Jewish voters, that would explain his gains.
    •  I don't follow that math (none)
      You think Bush got 350,000 votes from former Gore voters?

      And I say, it's more like 500,000, 50,000 from Nader 2000 voters, at least 50,000 net Gore votes not counted in 2000 due to a freakishly high overvote, and over 6,000 Buchanan/butterfly ballot votes.

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