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View Diary: Florida numbers vs 2000 - something is wrong (95 comments)

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  •  Fraud vs. other explanations (none)
    I wouldn't be surprised by some amount of fraud. The numbers do look a bit to odd for there not to be some sort of shenanigans. Yet at the same time, looking at the overall picture of the turnout, Bush received a huge boost all over.  He won over the Catholic, Protestant and Latino votes.

    I get the feeling that even without creative poll working on the Bush side, the vote would have been incredibly close, possibly on Bush's side of the scale.

    I would like to see a more complete breakdown. We know the "social values" folks came out like gangbusters. How did that weigh in in Florida. How many people we assume to fall into Kerry's camp would vote for Bush for "values" reasons.

    It looks weird in Florida. There's no way it should be a 5% spread, but how did it happen?

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