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  •  Hey Slacker... (none)
    Hope ya read this. (Long time no see, btw)

    Pretty much every EP I've seen. (Ok, every EP I've seen), have shown that by a pretty wide margain, the main issue for GOP voters are so-called "moral issues". That of course, being a codeword for gay rights and abortion, actually now that I think about it, add stem-cell research to that list.

    Not terrorism, not taxes, but something nobody was expecting, those damn moral issues.

    Kerry did a good job of trying to keep above that fray. By seeming evenhanded on the subject, he was trying to defuse that.

    It didn't work.

    It might be, from the early results/polling I've seeing, that Democrats can simply not win with the current issue set and public mentalities surrounding this thing.

    Back in the primaries, that was the debate. Could we win with nuance, or did we have to do the bull charge through the issues? Nuance won the day, and for myself, personally, I can definiatly see why. I'm not blaming this on Kerry one single bit. He played it as best he could.

    But that said, it might be up to us to do the bull charge. To actually change hearts and minds away from that..well..meaningless bullshit, and back towards things that matter.

    Focusing more on those "moral issues"..especially gay marriage..over things like terrorism, quite frankly, is dangerous. It really is 9/10 thinking, ironically enough.

    So I guess my point, is we need to spend the next two years building a party. For..well..a long time we were without one. The ad hoc one built over the last 2 years did a good job. They really did. But we NEED better. We need a party. We need a set of ideals that can be conveyed.

    We need social change.

    This is our story...

    by Karmakin on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 04:23:14 AM PST

    •  Which one? (none)
      (Hey, yourself btw...I will stick around for the diary comments to be sure)

      Build a party, or social change?  Because those seem like different goals.  And social change takes longer than two years, don't you think?

      I do think it is those "social issues" that are the problem.  On most of them, I think the Republican views reflect an ignorant, Bible Belt intolerance.  (On abortion, I think both parties are too extreme, as I've noted in the past.)  How do you change that?  I agree with you that Kerry "played it as best he could".  So what does a "bull charge" entail, IYO?

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