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  •  The real objection I have to LBJ is the firing of (1+ / 0-)
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    Leland Olds in 1944 or there abouts...Leland Olds was responsible for electrifying rural America.  His papers are most likely located at FDR's library in Hyde Park, NY.  LBJ unfortunately was asked by the oil interests in Texas at that time to get rid of Leland Olds because he threatened to block monopoly power in the natural gas industry.  If people like Leland Olds had been in positions of recommending policy, we would not be in the position we are in with energy in the world.

    Not to mention that those same oil interests went on to VietNam with Johnson in the company called Kellogg and Kellogg, Brown and Root a subsidiary of Halliburton.  With VietNam came Operation Phoenix, which was the mass murder of community leaders in that small third world country at the hands of our Special Forces under the direction of our CIA.  Kennedy had wanted to eliminate the breaking it into a million pieces.

    Other than that, Johnson proved to be a leap forward for civil rights.  

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