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  •  Okay, two things pissing me off (4+ / 0-)
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    Twice today somewhere on the TV the talking heads assued us that Obama's call for sacrifice meant he was gonna cut Social Security and Medicare and was 'priming' the voters for the 'shock.'  First off, where the hell do they get the idea he's going anywhere near this?  Second, why is 'sacrifice' always code to these people for 'the unwashed have to suck it up while we report on it then go to the Vineyard for parties'?  And third, there IS NO GODDAMNED SOCIAL SECURITY 'CRISIS'! The freaking 'pain caucus' of the media strikes again. Obama would be insane to spend capital on such nonsense.  The second thing I'm pissed at (the foregoing was only the first) is George Will's column in Newsweek.  I know he's a dipshit but for some reason there's a faction that still listens to him.  His takes on Bush are that if Iraq is a 'democracy' in ten years, then the war was okay; and that 'man-made' global warming is a hoax.  'The embarrassing planet failed to warm during Bush's term,' he says.  Someone tell the climate experts.

    Wingnuts, asshats, losers: your time is OVER ...

    by Tuffie on Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 04:22:26 PM PST

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