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View Diary: PROJECT FOLLOW THE VOTE -- Calling all Kossacks!!! (97 comments)

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  •  Well, that's about all I've got (4.00)
    for now.  Please jump in with comments and suggestions of your own.  Thanks.
    •  Katerina- (none)
      Yahoo freeping is even more important now than before the election!  Can you (my hero!) set up one of those valuabel diaries like you had before?

      Do you like being lied to?

      by WisforWhopper on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 08:01:33 AM PST

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    •  This should be a longer term project (none)
      It may make sense to start a dKosopedia entry, with a neutral sounding name such as

      Tracking the 11/2/2004 presidential election results

      I think you and others may be on to something, but I suggest proceeding carefully, in a systematic way.  Something sooner or later will turn up.

      •  My only concern (none)
        is that dKosopedia entries are not secure from being erased or vandalized (see events surrounding the Sinclair entry).  But I agree that a long term project is perhaps warranted.
        •  That is easy to deal with (none)
          If it gets bad, as it did with Sinclair where as you point an edit-revert war had broken out, one can lock the page so only a few contributors can edit it. And also note that nothing can be "erased" by an edit, hostile or otherwise. Whatever is written and saved can always be retrieved (unless of course the system admin her/himself deletes it).

          The advantage of doing it this way is that there is an editable record of your research.

          Also I suggest looking at the data first from  a statistical point of view, establishing a statisticalhypothesis (presumably the hypothesis would be that some kind of fraudulent modification of polling results took place, for example by comparison with exit poll data or variance of outcomes in similar precincts); the next step is to show that hypothesis can be validated statistically.  At this point you have something to work on, although this will be almost useless legally.

          The hard step is try to prove the hypothesis by a causal chain of events.  E.g. get people to try to say how the results were produced by illegal activity.

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