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View Diary: PROJECT FOLLOW THE VOTE -- Calling all Kossacks!!! (97 comments)

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  •  i'll help when i get a chance (none)
    a few things i found last night while go over some numbers

    1.  more than 8000 people voted in a senate race in s. dakota than voted for all the presidential candidates combined.  thunes official margin of victory?  less than 5000

    2.  800000 more people voted for president than for senate in florida

    3.  200000 more people voted for president than for senate in Ohio

    Something is fishy and we need to do the investigating to find out what the fuck happened.  Thunes nephew was arrested for voter fraud at some pt in the last couple weeks, then magically more people vote for the senate race than for the presidential race.

    my numbers were formed from ny times election tracker.  but we need to verify everything thru sec. states numbers and then hold them up to numbers reported by the media.

    we need to do this for all fifty states. the largest private vote verification in history.  we need to expose the deficiencies in US election laws and ensure that in 2008 every vote gets counted and counted accurately.

    •  President v. Senate Vote (none)
      This is MUCH BETTER circumstantial evidence than the exit polls!!!

      800,000 more votes for President than Senator in Florida when you had a hotly contested senate race says A LOT.   That's 11% of the vote!!  

      Whereas, in CA, where we did not have a hotly contested senate race (Boxer won easily), there were only 276,000 more votes for President than Senator, representing only 2.8% of the total vote.

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