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  •  Soldiers Afraid Their Votes Are Not Being Counted (4.00)
     We were just talking to the kid who works at our local Blockbuster store. He's young, hispanic and he knows future draft bait. He was very very Kerry and would always recommend F9/11 etc to his customers....he was very upset today. His cousin who is stationed in Iraq was hit with the most recent stop loss..he was supposed to return home in two who knows...evidently he was talking to his cousin who said he and the other guys over there were afraid that their votes wouldn't be counted..he said that his cousin had been asking around and the soldiers had been talking and he knew of NO ONE who was voting for Bush..they all voted for Kerry as they want to get the hell out of there and come home.

        Is anything being made of the military vote and wether of not it's going to be counted. It seems that is a reversal of 2000....
      Also as we've been saying around's the machines dummy...any chance of winning any election in the future is severely handicapped as long as we have those friggin Diebold machines in place. It's soooo easy to steal!

       They have distracted us with very real voter suppression and intimidation and while we were battling that they cleaned out the store.Why is it that exit polling is a reliable method of voter prediction in every country except this one and only lately. Perhaps they were giving us a hint back a month or so ago in the NY Times when one of them noted that we live in the reality or fact based world..they make things happen and then leave it to us to figure out , study and examine.

      It;s time for this to stop..we know where the cheating happened and how it happened  we just have to do something about it..or this will be our every two year nightmare.

    "Calmer than you are Dude....calmer than you"

    by sula on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 03:28:10 PM PST

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