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View Diary: PROJECT FOLLOW THE VOTE -- Calling all Kossacks!!! (97 comments)

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  •  Perhaps a Silly Question... (none)
    and you'll pardon me if it's been asked, but I'm new here.

    If these 155K provisional and other absentee ballots in Ohio do, by some magical mystical movement of time and space, fall in favor of JK, and/or the "automatic recount" kicks in, and he wins, what happens? Does the speech become an "oops!"?

    It's not that I'm living in a dream, or denial, just curious.

    The concession just seemed a bit premature to me. I would have thought they'd have given it a day or so (or at least until Thursday when they were going to look at the ballots).

    So whadda ya think, whadda ya know? Anything would be helpful...

    It worries me when the margin of victory is less than the number of votes yet to be verified and counted. I'm from Florida, can you blame me?

    •  The way I understand it, (none)
      the elction isn't valid until the electoral college certifies it on December 13.  Presumably a change in the numbers could result in Kerry being elected.  We can dream, I guess.  Sigh.

      Decisions are made by those who show up...GOTV!

      by poe on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 08:16:20 PM PST

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    •  The popular vote wasn't close (none)
      I think that's why Kerry conceded.  It's one thing if you win the popular vote but lose the electoral by a hair (as with Gore), it's quite another when you lose both the popular and electoral (even if by a hair).

      I think Kerry did the right thing for the country, and especially the right the for the Party.

      In a conversation with my father (a Bush fan) the night before the election, I expressed, no matter who wins, I just hope it's settled that day.  My father replied, if Kerry wins, it will be settled, but if Bush wins it's gonna be contested.  Because that's how they see our party.  I know, who cares what they think, but we need to think about those people we can win over to our side.  I honestly think it was the politically correct thing to do.

      And then that's where WE come in.  We can contest the results, and it doesn't have to be a reflection of the party but a reflection of the people (including, I hope, Independents and Republicans).  

      That's why I'm happy to see this thread, and am willing to help as much as possible.

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