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View Diary: In the Washington Times: a call to investigate, possibly to prosecute (271 comments)

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    I do not believe we can move forward until we account for the past, that investigations and the creation of a complete record MUST be a part of how we go forward, so that we can excise the cancers that have appeared in our body politic.  To do otherwise is the equivalent of putting a bandage upon a gangrenous limb - it will not prevent the eventual amputation or death, it merely covers over the destruction.

    you were stating the absolute truth. Not seeking truth in this matter is setting a dangerous precedent for future generations of presidents to fall back on in times of war and hardship.

    What has happened the last 8 years has brought our country to it's knees and should never be allowed to happen again.

    The truth needs to come out, if not for anything else, but to reconfirm our beliefs of truth and "justice for all" to the eyes of the world.

    (Wasn't the innaguration wonderful?!!!! Good luck President Obama. May God be always with you...)

    ...strength is not without humility. It's weakness and untreatable disease, and war is always the choice of the chosen who will not have to fight. Bono

    by Peperpatch on Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 10:47:49 AM PST

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