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  •  China just sentenced 2 to death for tainted (8+ / 0-)

    milk scandal.

    SHIJIAZHUANG, China (Reuters) - A Chinese court on Thursday sentenced two men to death for their role in the production and sale of melamine-tainted milk that killed at least six children and made nearly 300,000 ill.

    Several affected families were waiting outside the court in a gritty industrial city south of Beijing, demanding revenge, compensation and plain justice.

    "What we want is not a verdict. We want the government to properly research the effects of melamine and tell us what to expect. Now melamine is still a blank," said Ma Hongbin, a company technician in the far southern city of Shenzhen, who said his son Ma Tianxing had required an operation to remove kidney stones and ease complications.

    I agree with Ma Hongbin, what they and we also need is for our governments to research what effects things such as additives have on people.  We seem to have food scare after food scare here and it seems no one is held accountible and procedures don't change.  I'm strongly hoping for Obama to aim some change at the FDA.  This is all O/T but I just saw the news!

    •  I have the feeling, (1+ / 0-)
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      based on the flurry of oval office activity yesterday - that change is going to be happening so damned fast that the corporate media might be forced to hire some actual reporters to keep up with the frenzy!

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