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  •  I liked his snorting laugh... (9+ / 0-)

    ... and "I can't/don't accept your premise" - the ticking time bomb crap someone was trying to shove down his throat.  (That was Specter, wasn't it?  I saw the video and laughed uproariously at the tone of the questions, but not Holder's answers which I found logical.)

    The whole ticking time bomb thing is only found in fictitious things like stupid TV shows and movies.  Torture would only yield a false answer and the bomb would go off anyway, so the torture would be pointless.

    And if law enforcement personnel know where there is a ticking time bomb, large cities have bomb squads that know how to safely detonate them or move them if they have time or at least they can evacuate people so no lives are lost (one of my cousins was on the bomb squad in a large city until he retired).  The whole ticking time bomb thing is a ridiculous ruse and an outdated fictitious hook to create suspense in books, movies, and bad TV shows.  Reality is very different.

    I agree with limpidglass re: MCA '06.  The law itself is unconstitutional because it tries to take away habeas corpus, and it can't because the two conditions under which habeas corpus can legally be suspended under the Constitution do not exist, so the law itself is unconstitutional.  I don't remember how many Gitmo cases have been thrown out of court already on appeal because of that - two or three that I remember reading about.  I'm for a bill that repeals in their entirety: Patriot Acts (give us back our 4th Amendment rights), MCA '06 (formally give us back habeas corpus even if it is unconstitutional as written just so no future pretzelnitwit like Georgie can come along and cite it as precedent), and the last FISA fiasco (stop illegal wiretaps).


    by NonnyO on Thu Jan 22, 2009 at 03:09:46 AM PST

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