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    droogie6655321, unspeakable

    I don't really understand what the flagellation is about here. You provided in your original diary the basis of your concern. Anybody was free to observe that the basis was thin--as some did.

    Other people went off the deep end taking the rumor more seriously than it deserved and threatening to quit the party right then and there. Still other people went off the deep end taking it seriously and attacking the 50-state strategy!

    I thought this site was supposed to allow a certain amount of unsubtantiated opinion, right or wrong, as long as we are honest and clear about our sources on factual elements. The original diary, I thought, met that standard and did serve as a useful reminder that the 50-state stragey debate may not be over. If the sourcing was thin, I have seen worse.

    I was surprised to read that you were "outed," and therefore concerned that any faux pas are taking bread out of the mouths of your family. Are you serious? Surely "dick and fart jokes" are not going to enhance anyone's professional image?

    Would it not make more sense to abandon an "outed" handle and adopt a new one? Is this againt the rules? If so, it shouldn't be. A lot of us would not feel free to comment much if at all, if every move we made became part of our permanent professional record.

    I forgive you any sins only if you continue to take risks with substantive diaries.

    All the best to you.

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