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View Diary: Obama Says No to Torture; Interrogators Say Yes to Obama (12 comments)

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    The Detainee System itself is a form of torture

    Rejecting so-called "enhanced interrogation" and closing Gitmo make a good start, but it is only a start.

    It is time for us all to drive torture all the way back past the line in the sand that mustn't be crossed.

    That line is this:

    The Detainee System itself.

    Holding prisoners WITHOUT CHARGES, INDEFINITELY, in an extra-legal limbo (save for the kangaroo court system Bush/Gonzalez/Addington or whoever dredged it up from the Inquisition) is IN ITSELF a form of psychological torture as defined by the Geneva Conventions!

    No distinction as to seriousness is made between physical and psychological torture. They are equally unacceptable.

    And that many detainees have been attempting to starve themselves to death in order to make the point and even escape the torture of never ending detention is proof -- and it gets very little press.

    Bush's Torture Machine could not exist without the Bush Detainee System.

    I write this because it is sad that Americans still are sucked into the false debate (quite the debate of those awakening from a militarist/police state fog) about torture being merely an inefficient 'method of interrogation', when in reality it is a VERY efficient method of intimidation, framing scapegoats, and wresting total agreement from the tortured and general public alike. Americans have to move on and oppose torture because it is inhumane, cruel, disgusting and uncivilized, and not because maybe it fails to meet militarist, imperialist, or so-called defense-against-terrorism goals.

    End the Bush Detainee System now.

    Thanks for your diary.  

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