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  •  I agree, it is good Daschle is gone (none)
    After we get McCauliffe out, we need to prepare for the expansion of the war into Iran and Syria, the draft that will definately happen as a result.  I think we need to draft the children of the neocons in order to stop it.  This means no college deferments, and no out in the National Guards or Americorps.
    •  Good point! (none)
      Daschle was a failure as the Senate leader - we need someone who will fight the Publicans.

      Think of it - Daschle & Gephardt are both gone - if we can get rid of McAuliffe and the DLC things will be looking up!

      •  Uh... (4.00)
        How many Democrats do we have to lose before you will be ecstatic?

        Kerry had an uphill climb...sitting incumbent during wartime with a huge chest full o money...McAuliffe raised money, that was his job...he energized the base, which was his job...he invested in GOTV, which was his job...

        We just lost.  And the reasons will not be found easily in Daschle or Gephardt or McAuliffe or Kerry.  The reasons are found in local politics and what makes us what we are.  We're losing that local ground game badly (redistricting in Texas, etc.).  We're losing all statewide battles badly.  We're losing rural America badly.  We're losing the religious people badly.  We're losing the gun owners badly.  And face it, in large swaths of the country, America is a gun toting, religious, rural values country that tends to be xenophobic and nationalistic to a fault.  That is precisely what Democrats fear about this nation, but that is our new America and we have to deal with it.

        So either we find a way to change their minds on all of these things, or we find ways to be more like them.  Those are our only choices.

        It is sad, but I think this country exposed the divisions of the Civil War never healed.


        by TexasDemocrat on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 09:30:01 AM PST

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        •  The only Dems who thought we could win (4.00)
          this race after '02 were the Dean Dems.  Everybody else was whining about how Bush was unbeatable.  And after Dean showed us Bush was beatable, the Dems freaked out and thought that somehow medals from Vietnam would help Kerry beat Bush.  Did they help Bush Sr. beat Clinton?  Did they help Bob Dole beat Clinton?

          People vote their gut and their heart for President.  We need someone that inspires passion and makes an emotional appeal.  Kerry was simply not that guy.

        •  That was your rational behind nominating Kerry in (2.66)
          first place. Now you want to disown him and claim he belongs to us liberals.  Won't work this time.  The dlcers are goners, and deserve it.
          •  Well... (none)
            Kerry was my third choice behind Wes Clark and John Edwards, precisely on this value question...and Kerry was not a DLC-er...

            Massachusetts Senator was not exactly what DLC is all about...I don't see how selection of Kerry was in any way based on DLC.  I think the NH and Iowa primary voters wanted a war hero at time of war.  It was not a bad strategy if he was solely a war hero.  But he was also a very loud opponent to the war that he was touting, which made any image of him difficult to capture.

            But I don't want to blame the selection.  The problem was not Kerry, it is in the way we framed the debate.  It was lost before Kerry even announced, to a certain degree, due to a framing that was allowed to exist in the aftermath of 9/11 and strongly in the midterms.  And if we don't develop some strategies now, it will be the same in the next midterms.


            by TexasDemocrat on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 03:11:54 PM PST

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    •  Good riddance to bad rubbish (none)
      Daschle was appalling. May he rot in political Hell.

      In politics, sometimes the jackasses are on your side.

      by Dump Terry McAuliffe on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:52:14 AM PST

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    •  No f*cking draft... (none)

      PERIOD.  That puts MY CHILD at risk and
      I didn't vote for these a**holes EITHER

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