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View Diary: Terry out. Get Howard in. (382 comments)

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  •  I hate to say it... (2.00)
    ...but the Republicans were right.  Kerry is a spineless wimp.  All that macho tough-talk was a fucking put-on.
    •  At some point reality must weigh in... (none)
      136K votes behind with maybe 150K-200K to count. Not good odds when you consider the number of Bush supporters who went to the polls in Ohio. You are assuming virtually ALL the provisional ballots would be for Kerry. Not likely.

      Also you can be assured the GOP would tie this up with challenges far beyond the date in December when electors must be certified etc. and you have the same damn thing as 2000 when the House would have decided for Bush.

      Bottom line is there's an abundance of stupid people in Ohio who can't figure out how to vote their own best interests.

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