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  •  New Minority leader (3.50)
    I agree that kerry is a choice for new minority leader.  But I have a list of people that I would rather see.  The senate over the next two years at least has to block all fringe agenda proposals of the republican government.  So I would like to see one of the following as leader

    1. Barack Obama
    2. Chuck Schumer
    3. Jay Rockerfeller (sp?)

    Each would bring energy and a perspective to the table as the vocal leader of the opposition.  Gone are the days in which the democrats nominate a relative moderate to the post.
    •  I like... (none)
      Obama or Rockefeller for the job.  Both are safe seats under almost any scenario, although I do worry about Rockefeller if we start confronting the judgmental Christian fundamentalists - as I think we have to do to break the current paradigm.  
    •  I love Obama (none)
      But he doesn't know how the Senate works. We need someone that can skillfully wield parliamentary maneouvers to stop the worst of the GOP excessses.
      •  agreed (none)
        I have absolutely no doubt he'll be the leader within a cycle or two. . .but for now we need experience.
      •  The real thing (none)
        I'm an Illinoisian who's been following Barack Obama since his early days as a state senator.

        He's true to his core values but is also a pragmatist. And importanty, he's a quick study.
        Look at how he rose to the occasion and delivered the best speech at the Democratic convention. He has adapted well to his unique role in the party.
        Like the late Paul Simon, he is an intellectual who does not talk down to people.
        And like Bill Clinton, he is someone who can energize the base.

        He's already been in the lllinois Senate since early 1997 where has been in both the minority and the majority. He is no spring chicken when it comes to behind the scenes maneuvering.
        Perhaps it's asking too much for a newly elected member to be named Democratic leader. But if Harry Reid assumes that position, there just may be a position for Obama elsewhere in the Democratic leadership.

        * "I still believe in a place called Hope." --Bill Clinton

        by diversecity215 on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 10:12:21 AM PST

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