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  •  The Democratic Party's Future (none)
    We have clearly entered a Republican realignment.  Bush and his cronies are, of course, more arrogant than the likes of McKinley, Harding and Coolidge, more likely to overreach and more likely to trigger chaos.  But the bottom line is we have to decide what we want the Democratic Party to be.

    Do we go with Teddy Roosevelt (social liberalism, fiscal conservatism)?  That's the Howard Dean model and, kinda sorta, the John Kerry one too.  I think that died on Tuesday night.  It's great in state politics north of the Mason-Dixon line but it just won't wash for federal office.  Kerry defeated, Knowles apparently trips up in Alaska, Bowles in North Carolina.  

    Or, do we go with Harry Truman (social moderate, economic populist?)  That's the Paul Wellstone model, and it is also the mantle the Shrub administration is attempting to steal and distort, and it is very effective with swing voters, as Wellstone demonstrated to great effect.  Ken Salazar played this card and pulled it out for us under extremely adverse circumstances even in an allegedly libertarian state against a social liberal-fiscal conservative opponent.  

    •  Except that (none)
      Ken Salazar is nothing like an "economic populist."  Your analogy fails to hold water: he supports tax cuts to encourage agribusiness, not family farming per se, barely supported Kerry's tepid position on rolling back part of Bush's tax cuts, and had no coherent plan for aiding medical care.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Ken won given the alternative.  I just don't see your point with him as an example.

      Any candidate who repeats the term "tax relief" is not an economic populist, he's one who has already given up that fight.

    •  What Future? (none)
      The party's future is irrelevant. This was not about social policy, economic policy or any other policy or political strategy. This is about a nation with a Moron Majority of Jesus-ridden cancers that will now create a Christian Taliban hellhole.

      America's future has only two branches: civil war or peaceful dissolution. There is no option for compromise, accommodation, or realignment. Those of us outside the Moron Majority likewise have only two paths: get out while we can or devote our resources to the breakup of this union.

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