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  •  karl rove... (4.00)
    ...may have just proven you wrong. the bush campaing very deliberately played to their base, and they turned them out in greater numbers than we did. done. over.

    kerry's "electability" was rooted in his appeal to centrist voters, right? the vietnam record and all that. he failed despite securing the majority of "independent" voters. what is a centrist voter if not this year's "independent" voter? give me a profile.

    the answer is appealing to and expanding our base: growing minority population, labor, women. this country is getting more diverse, more secular, and more urbanized by the year. we need to capitalize on that trend by building a party that caters to it.

    we've tried a move to the "center" for three election cycles. it is not working. we've lost everything.

    •  This is horrible for the country (none)
      Bush has proven that the presidency can be captured by igorning the center.  This is a bad precedent for the future of the country.


      by DWCG on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 09:49:47 AM PST

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      •  radicalization (none)
        is a horrible thing, true. just look at afghanistan, etc.

        what is amazing to me is that even on this board, someone like dean--who ran on a balanced budget!--is being portrayed as lenin by some. how fucking crazy is it that "reasonable" and--as hindsight has shown, "correct"--is so easily labled "left-wing" and dismissed.

        i am all for building a centrist coalition... but i do not believe we can simply define "centrist" based on a hard-right definition. first of all, the country is not that conservative issue by issue. secondly (most importantly), it is not what we believe.

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