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  •  That's the question! (none)
    I am so frustrated: I want to take action. How do we harness this frustration to do something to begin taking our country back. I agree that getting Howard Dean to lead our party (and Dick Durbin to lead the Senate) are good first steps.

    I'm ready to act. But what do I do?

    •  next step (4.00)
      My next step is to "become" the Democratic Party.  Instead of talking about what the Party can do as an outsider looking in, many of us can change the Party from the inside out.  I have found it fairly easy to quickly become a leader with in the local County Committee (especially being in a red state) and last night's results have convinced me to become a become a member of the State Committee.  In this sense you have direct control over who your Party leaders are and the direction of the Party.  

      Last night's results only makes me work harder for change.

    •  Before anyone backs Dean for DNC... (none)
      Could we get a report on how the Dean-backed candidates did?

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      by Hudson on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 10:02:03 AM PST

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      •  "Dean" Candidates Success in MN (none)
        In Minnesota 2 of 4 MNDFA endorsed candidates won State House seats, the two losses were both by candidates under the age of 30. Our one Dean Dozen candidate, Patti Fritz, also won her race handily defeating the author of a "conceal and carry" bill.

        First time candidate Jeremy Kalin, one of our 2 losses, recieved about 47% of the vote in a very conservative, semi-rural working class district.

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