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  •  Hillary 2008: Healthcare for All (none)
    Like a flu shot, the 2004 election was short term pain for long term gain. Suck it up.

    Bush broke it, let him fix it. By the time 2008 rolls around it will be clear that we are sliding back into a recession, jobs will still be disappointing, the deficit sky high, and the Iraq quagmire dragging on.

    Hillary can run right at the Republicans promising healthcare for everyone (government run health plans no good? Ask your momma what she thinks of Medicare). The time will be ripe, the Republicans will be behind the curve of the next social revolution in America. It is coming, get on board.

    4 more years of Bush=8 years of Hillary + 8 years of Obama. Worth it.

    •  Hillary!!! Not in this fucking lifetime (none)
      Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton

      No thank you.

      That she and her husband sabotaged a candidate and now we are going to have to suffer for it for generations is unforgiveable. Definitely not worth voting for.

      The Clintons can kiss my butt!


      by Genf on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 09:53:17 AM PST

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    •  That won't work (none)
      Health care reform is a dead issue for a long time now because you'll never convince the nation we can afford it after four more years of Bush economic policy and at least two more years of Republican Congressional control.  The value of the dollar will decline.  The economy will hit "another" recession.  Deficits will spin out of control.  Oil producing countries might start looking at the Euro again.

      Then you want Hillary to come along with a central theme of universal health care?  She'd get torn apart by all sides and factions with that approach.  I don't think we should abandon the idea of health care reform, but it can't be our main weapon if the likely pillaging of the economy continues.

      •  Healthcare reform costs money (none)
        is a Republican meme. Healthcare reform saves money. For the amount of money the government spends on healthcare per capita, via Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA system (40% of all healthcare dollars), the UK covers ALL citizens.

        And people don't care about costs.

        And wouldn't you love to ram another Clinton down the Republican craw?

        •  Actually... (none)
          No, I wouldn't like to ram another Clinton down their throats.  Because as good as they were at demonizing someone who most Americans had never heard of, you can be sure that the Anti-Clinton club will be rolling out the negativity almost immediately.  Watch the Hunting of the President.  The Anti-Clinton machine started before Bill ever got into office, and it hasn't stopped.  The infrastructure to do the same to Hillary is still in place and so is the willingness.

          As for the cost and the Republican meme, that's exactly the point.  It's taken firm hold on people.  We can spend all our energy for the next four years trying to convince people it is wrong, and health care reform is right for the country, or we can try to fix the Democratic Party, work for voter reform on a state level, build up new talent and alternatives, and come back stronger with a plan that is progressive on all levels.

          All that aside, people voted because of God, guns, gays and abortion over the war, terrorism, the economy, jobs, health care, etc.  A Hillary campaign focusing only on health care would be a disaster.

    •  If you are pinning your hopes on Hillary (none)
      You are delusional.  She is the most polarizing figure in American politics and not just with Republicans.  I am as much a yellow dog Democrat as anyone, but I will not support her candidacy.  

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