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  •  US Senate and House is not Enough (none)
    Since 1994, Democrats have not only lost the US Senate and House but more importantly the governorship and legislatures in key states.  These governors and legislatures control who runs the state elections, redistricting decisions for congressional boundaries and decisions concerning the election equipment that is purchased. Florida and Ohio are key examples of how the Republican election machinery extends from the Governor, State Election officers, and the courts (both state and federal). As a result, The Democrats were thwarted at every turn in Florida and Ohio to guarantee fair elections.  To paraphrase Stalin, "it's not he who votes that counts, but who count the votes that matters the most."

    Democrats need a strategy and long-term plan to win back and keep the governorship and state legislatures in key states in 2006 and 2008, in addition to trying to gain seats in the US house and the senate. Democrats need to understand and acknowledge the cultural, economic, religious changes occurring in this country and develop plans to co-opt and incorporate the needs of these constituents. Democrats needs an aggressive PR program to tell folks what they are about. Additionally the Democrats  need to stop pretending to be Republicans. Why vote for a fake when you can have the real thing.

    John Kerry did about as good as a job as he could. He had no help from the press or real help until the last minute from Democratic politicians to argue his views and really challenge the Sean Hannity's and O'Reilly's of the world. He could have used Edwards and other democrats more in the south...However, lets stop crying over spilled milk.  Hopefully, we will just as hard to get the governorships and state legislatures back.  We need to continue to fight for this country and demand that the Democratic establishment do the same.  

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