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  •  The future ... (none)
    Do we go with Teddy Roosevelt (social liberalism, fiscal conservatism)?  That's the Howard Dean model and, kinda sorta, the John Kerry one too.

    John Kerry was never any of these qualities, and it made him a weak candidate.  If you don't stand for anything you stand for nothing, and because he had no core philosopy to guide him he was vunerable to Republican attacks.  

    Dean believes in these qualities - that's what made him a good candidate (if inexperienced in national politics).  Kerry picked up Dean's line of attack, and even some of Dean's best lines, but never had the conviction.  

    If we really want to blame anyone for this, I think the Iowa and New Hampshire votes deserve some blame for picking the candidate that looked best on paper and not the one who actually stood the best chance of being elected.  

    •  Grrrrr. (none)
      Or, in Iowa's case, someone who couldn't even carry their fucking state in the national election.  Thanks Iowa, you fucking dipshits!

      Not to be too harsh on Kerry, who I believe really did try, and who I have come to respect quite a lot.  Two decades in the Senate is enough for anyone to acquire a very confusing voting record, which is why you don't win with Senators.  Write that shit down, Iowa and New Hampshire, I'm talking to you.

      Maybe the reform we really need to push for is 50 states, 1 primary.

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