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  •  Draining our own swamp. (3.50)
    My first-ever post, so go easy on me.

    FIRST, we must clean our own house.  

    We need a complete overhaul of the National Democratic leadership that began over two years ago with the long-overdue removal of Dick Gephardt.  Now that Daschle's out, MacAuliff is obviously next.  Let's also make every state's Chair prove their worth.

    SECOND, we must re-write Moby Dick to help Starbuck win the crew back from Ahab.  

    We need a practical agenda focused on de-programming [the right word] hourly wage voters across the heartland who have been brainwashed into believing the Dems are their mortal enemies -- while the Reeps are busy stealing their way of live.  In other words, we must truly find out WTF's wrong with Kansas, develop a simple, coherent message and execute.

    THIRD, we must understand that the constitutional deck is now stacked against our agenda.  

    For example, we must think and speak openly and loudly about America's own House of Lords: the US Senate.  As of yesterday, less than 17% of the entire electorate has selected 52% of all sitting U.S. Senators.  A fundamental shift in national population geography has combined with a long-standing structural defect in our Constitution.  This spawned a powerful aristocratic, autocratic and theocratic institution which is now essentially unaccountable to the national interest.  [We ought to demand that they start wearing robes and wigs on the Senate floor.].

    FOURTH, we need to hold Cheney and Bush accountable over the next four years for crimes already and yet to be committed.

    The Press won't.  The Congress won't.  The Courts won't.  We need our own whistleblower protection system that, among other things, makes fact-facing and truth-telling safe and patriotic again.

    FIFTH, we must concede that our primaries consistently results in weak candidates incapable of building solid national support.

    More later.

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