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View Diary: Indie Rock Singer Quits Music To Expose And Fight His Union-Busting Dad (40 comments)

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    There was one a block from my house when I was a teenager. But let's face it, it aint health food.

    btw: it was John, not Jerome. He wrote Diet for a New America.

    This well-documented expose of America's "factory farms" should prompt even die-hard meat-and-potatoes lovers to reevaluate their diets. Asserting that "we are ingesting nightmares for breakfast, lunch and dinner," Robbins, who is medical director of the California Institute for Health and Healing, details how livestock is raised under increasingly industrialized conditions by "agribusiness oligopolies."

    ••• CELEBRATE with America's BAraCK Stickers And T-Shirts •••

    by KingOneEye on Fri Jan 23, 2009 at 04:22:37 PM PST

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