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View Diary: The Simon Weisenthal Center Hits Back Against "Luridly Hyped Details" Emerging on Gaza (340 comments)

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    as for when I do and don't identify as Jewish, how the hell would you know? That's, again, called a lie - saying things with certainty when in fact you have no idea....

    You're right that I have no idea.  I apologize.  I saw what I considered to be a pattern of you taking the anti-Israeli side, in the beginning seemingly legitimizing it by saying your mother has Jewish blood, and later seemingly legitimizing it even more by saying you are Jewish, which is obviously different than having a mother with Jewish blood, i.e. it suggests that you were raised Jewish, when the previous statement suggests the opposite, that you weren't but your mother happens to have Jewish blood.  But you're right.  I took it and ran with it and I don't even know you.  

    There's another thing I'm going to say, just in case you actually have a heart in there somewhere, which actually I suspect is likely - you're just kind of sloppy and quick to anger is my suspicion.

    You got me.  That is a fair analysis of at least some of my comments in I/P diaries lately, although if memory serves you are guilty as well.  You should also note that I do not have such negative exchanges with fellow Kossacks in diaries that are not related to I/P and/or the primary wars.

    My grandparents, despite all their sympathy with left-wing politics, were ultimately completely unwilling to accept their daughter, who they had previously doted on, marrying a goy. When she did, they declared her dead - they did the funeral ceremony and everything - and forbade any of her three sisters to speak to her. Now, Tova, her youngest sister, always did keep in touch, but her two older ones kept to that for many years, and my grandmother never gave up at all. I grew up in Manhattan, my grandmother lived in Brooklyn and died when I was 12, but I never met her. Being rejected by her family tore my mother apart. She never really got over it.

    I'm sorry to hear that.  Seriously.  Children deserve all the love they can get, and grandparents are a great source.  Its too bad you (and your mother) were denied that.

    So, really: could you please give a little thought for what it means to throw around this "you're not Jewish!" nonsense. I'm sure it would never occur to you to think about it, since you clearly don't think terribly hard when you get angry and you seem to get angry very easily. But this kind of thing leads to terrible, terrible results, and, often awful personal tragedy. In many ways I have paid the price for people who thought and acted this way for my entire life. It's cruel and its nasty and you shouldn't make personal attacks on people like that when you have no idea who they are and where they are coming from.

    Again, sorry.  I certainly didn't know your personal history.  All I knew was a snapshot in which you were taking what I believed to be the anti-Israel side, and you started off by saying your mother had Jewish blood, and ended up saying you were Jewish.  I called it like I saw it at the time, and would probably call it the same way again, although I'd like to think I wouldn't take it and run with it like I did.


    MLK: "When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism."

    by PJ Jefferson on Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 02:52:02 PM PST

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      PJ Jefferson

       though really - if I'm not Jewish, then I'm certainly not anything else! I mean, I've never even seen the inside of a Lutheran church - my father hated Christianity! So what am I, nothing then? That would be sad. I'd like to think I'm something.
       oh well, I do appreciate the kind response though
       we all get worked up over that particular issue. I do too. That's a lot of the problem. Far too much getting worked up for far too many years on all sides.

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