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  •  Actually s/he presents a one sided (0+ / 0-)
    view from mainstream sources very much dedicated to protecting their own self interests.
    No opposing views, studies or info is provided. Or hasn't been in most of the discussions I've read. I admit I don't read it all because I've heard it all before.
    I was hoping we were going to move beyond fear tactics.
    Many educated people are opposed to vaccination or over vaccination.
    One question to ask yourself is "who funds the studies that are printed in these peer reviewed journals"? The makers of vaccines by any chance?
    My area of expertise is with animal vaccination and it has taken years to get the veterinarian community to even consider stopping vaccinations or at least limiting the use of them.
    These same tactics of fear and derision (I've never read you use derision Dem, but many commenters do) were used on us for years until studies began to come out about the dangers of animal vaccinations.
    We had to convince veterinarians that a) there were more effective ways to prevent disease in animals that were in fact less harmful than vaccines....
    and the biggie....
    b) we had to convince them that there was just as much money to be made NOT vaccinating animals than there is vaccinating.
    In the beginning it was just like on these Flu updates. One lone dissenter being made fun of.
    Hang in there Brenda. One is a good start.

    "Well, I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be amused." Elvis Costello

    by ZenTrainer on Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 03:59:36 PM PST

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