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  •  Our physical therapy business is starting to hurt (5+ / 0-)

    because of these insurance companies.  The three biggest areas we feel it the most are the following:

    1. Ridiculously high deductibles.  I remember not that long ago when I bitched and moaned about my $500 deductible.  Nowadays we have patients coming in when it seems the average deductible is now $1500-2000.  When costs this high are shouldered to the insured, secondary services like PT/OT become more of a privilege and luxury rather than a necessity.
    1. Climbing co-pays.  More often than not we see co-pays more in the $30-$35 average as opposed to the $15-20 range, and that includes group insurance coverages.  I never thought I'd see it, but in fact one patient of mine with severe back pain from a herniated disc told me he can only come for 3 visits because he can't afford his $50 co-pay more than that.  And given his severity of symptoms, I highly doubt I can perform a worthy voodoo to get him pain-free in just 3 visits.
    1. Ridiculously low reimbursements.  This complaint used to be laid at the feet of Medicare reimbursements, especially considering their hiring of 3rd party private contractors who were commissioned on nitpicking us to death and denying coverage.  But now there are other companies (United Healthcare comes immediately to mind) that give us a flat-rate reimbursement that is a pittance to what we should receive for our services.  As an example, if I perform manual therapy, therapeutic exercise for 30 min., and an E-stim, our reimbursement SHOULD be somewhere around say $120 (complete guesstimate), but instead places like United Healthcare will only reimburse us for a flat-rate of $45.  Now granted we agreed to be a provider for them, and we're seriously considering on dropping them, but considering a nice bulk of our clientele's insurance groups are going towards them (much of the entire school district in our city, for example), that hurts our business either way.

    The sooner we go Universal, the better we all will be, IMO.  

    Lawrence, KS - From ashes to immortality

    by MisterOpus1 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 12:10:58 PM PST

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