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View Diary: BART police punched Grant in face before fatal shooting (Updated w/ transcript) (250 comments)

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  •  i was at the riots (15+ / 0-)

    both of the wednesdays

    the police were using abusive anger to techniques which drove the situation towards the vandalism.

    at least smashing bank windows gives the banks something real to spend the money on. the money we gave them.

    dont forget all the other people shot in oakland like gary king.

    At 4:45PM on September 20th 2007, a police officer shot and killed a man on the street in North Oakland. Gary King, Jr., age 20, had just exited a store on the corner of 54th street and MLK. Apparently an Oakland police sergeant approached him for questioning. The details of what happened next are unclear, but it seems that it involved the officer using a taser. King pulled away and it appears that during his attempt to flee, the officer shot him twice in the back.

    A swarm of police cars (including helicopters) arrived on the scene very quickly, but it was a number of minutes before an ambulance arrived. In the meantime, one officer appeared to be performing CPR. Gary King reportedly died at the hospital a short time later. Police on the scene dealt somewhat roughly with bystanders, including relatives of Mr King.

    •  Fuck the Police * (4+ / 0-)
      * Exempt from the above statement are those officers who themselves respect the laws they enforce. Those who actually protect the people they work for (the public) from real crime as opposed to ones that think they have a moral high ground to protect honest, responsible citizens from themselves. Those who honor the oaths they have taken and respect all individuals. And finally, those that aren't afraid to challenge their superiors when justice is not served, particularlly in departments where the culture is geared towards abuse, corruptness and coverups.

      If you are a police offer who falls in the above clause, you are exempt and further congratulated for your hardwork. You have earned your pensions, parades, and more importantly the built in authority and trust that comes with the job.

      Those that can't meet the above criteria, go fuck yourselves and find another job before karma has its way with you.

      -5.12/-5.28: Dali Lama-esk baby! How to Embed Non-YouTube Vids

      by gimmeshelter on Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 05:38:37 PM PST

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