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View Diary: BART police punched Grant in face before fatal shooting (Updated w/ transcript) (250 comments)

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  •  I hope this is snark. (1+ / 0-)
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    If it is, thank you for agreeing with me and please disregard the rest of this comment.

    If it's not, I would appreciate your explanation. Do you feel that a civilized society should partake in vengeance killing? Or are you of the misinformed opinion that capital punishment actually deters violence? I'm curious.

    •  "Do you feel that a civilized society should (1+ / 0-)
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      yellow is my favorite color

      partake in vengeance killing?"

      Are you opposed to capital punishment in all cases? That seems to be your thing here with most if not all of your comments.

      Capital punishment is hardly the central topic of this diary, notwithstanding the fact that in the judgement of few people watching these videos it's warranted. Most people are asking for little more than a credible investigation of the events.

      Perhaps you might consider writting a diary on the topic of the logic, justice, or advisability of capital punishment.

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