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    It reminds me of a similar story - Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" in which someone is chosen to be stoned to death in order to avoid a calamity - you are never told what that calamity is as I recall.  Fundamentalists hate that story!

    I think that torture has no place in civilize society, lest we become the same as our adversaries.  We are better than that - we should follow or better angels on this one.  As to the "Jack Bauer" moment, well I think that if some interrogator comes into such a situation (unlikely except on TV or in movies!) they should make their own judgment and take the consequences.  If they indeed did save thousands they would surly be pardoned by the president.  Giving agents carte blanche allows people to do torture and take no consequences if they are wrong. This is an invitation to the worst kinds of abuses.  However, I have yet to be convinced that torture works even in such hypothetical situations and that information gained by torture can be trusted.  And I am male!!  I just don't drink the junior G-man Kool Aid like G. Gordon Liddy did!

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