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  •  Suffering is not the worst, really. (11+ / 0-)

    To be happy in the streets above where that child suffers alone seems not just more wrong than leaving but less peaceful, really. Then again, I believe in a deep sense of interconnection and the idea that the child is, in any way, separate from any other citizen is only an illusion.

    At any rate, I wonder at Le Guin showing their society as happy since Le Guin shows that they are not always at peace with the child in that room but they fear to let him go and ruin the happiness of everyone else. So, are they really happy at all? That's what I always wonder when I read the story.

    Suffering together, honestly, and working to combat that suffering together, honestly... well, call me foolish, but that sounds better to me. Silly perhaps? But I think that is more the path to true happiness than the road Omelas takes.

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