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  •  No, I don't agree that she's saying (6+ / 0-)

    that. Le Guin specifically resists such notions of Cartesian Dualism over and over. In fact I'd say as a feminist and deep humanist  / anthropologist, she spends a great deal of time in all her works showing us that particularly in the west, the 'choices' we construct for ourselves are false ones.

    In 'Omelas' she creates a utopia, but one that can only be sustained by the intolerable suffering of an individual. The moral I think is more that perfect and unending happiness is not a reasonable thing to seek as it always comes at the expense of another. Others of this thread have pointed out that the parallels of this story run much deeper and broader than just Gauntanamo, it is in fact a parable of western society, relying on the suffering of others to create the substance of our happiness.

    The ones who walk reject that, seeking a place where they will willingly sacrifice 'perfect' happiness for a less perfect but more morally responsible life. They reject the false dichotomy.

    "This just can't get more disturbing!" - Willow

    by myriad on Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 07:17:34 PM PST

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