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    I've always loved Omelas.  I'm an atheist who has never liked the idea of original sin, so the Christian interpretation of the story rings true for me.

    The Gitmo reading is also insightful -- it is the horrible symbol of everything we have been told we need to do to keep ourselves safe and protect our beautiful homeland.

    More than that, though, I think Omelas symbolizes all of the compromises we make to have an easy life.  Uncompromising idealism pretty much requires being a hermit, a subsistence farmer.  Because living any other kind of life requires doing things you don't like, benefiting from unfairness.  So it's pretty much a question of where on the scale you want to be -- if you want to be as righteous as you can, or if you want to blithely ignore the injustice in the world, or somewhere in between.

    There is so much unfairness in our world that even if you devote your entire life to righting it, you can barely make a dent as an individual.  That is in large part why I'm interested in politics, but that's another story...

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