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  •  They don't (1+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z

    because the scenario in the story is an artificial black-and-white one: if they save the child, the good life is destroyed, guaranteed.  That's not a dig at the story, which I think is very good and powerful, but the analogy with real-life isn't exact, because (a) saving our child may increase our risk in some areas, but will probably actually improve our country's safety by making us less hated; and (b) we ain't living in no Utopia.

    •  do you honestly think that we could live the way (0+ / 0-)

      we do without exploitation?

      The Coltan that makes every cell phone, computer and eletronic device work in this country comes from child slaves in the gold coast \ congo region of Africa. The Sudan is shelter compared to the Congo. And don't even talk about oil.

      The business community, MSM, and a portion of our population would FREAK OUT if we stopped hurting that baby.

      That baby pays our bills, that baby makes us rich.

      Bananas, coffee, chocolate, diamonds...  Vietnam's babies had tin and rubber and we had to bomb them. Iraq's babies have oil. Afghanistan's babies have the worst luck, they happened to be born on "The graveyard of foreign armies". Obama will love them appropriately, watch.    

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